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Our church is founded on the christian evangelical principals. This means that our main source of information about the Creator is the Holy Bible (by clicking on the word “Holy Bible” you can read it online absolutely free). The Holy Bible names the Creator as God and Lord. In the beginning God created Heavens and Earth. Cosmos, Earth, the Sun, the other stars and planets, oceans, seas, rivers, animals and people – everything was created for God’s glory. The crown of all creation were humans.

God created men to live in a paradise, called the garden of Eden, where God and people could have fellowship. People had no needs and were provided with everything in their life. But one day people broke the single rule of God and were exiled from the paradise, became mortal and lost their ability to have direct fellowship with the Lord.

For thousands of years people were under punishment for their betrayal (sin) and, as a result, the sin became the way of life for people and obstructed the ability to communicate with the Creator as they did in Eden. The urge for something greater than this world can offer and the unexplainable “heartache” are indicators of the missing purpose in human life, which is fellowship with the Creator, our God.

When the first man was exiled out of Eden God promised to restore the relationship between Himself and men by cleaning them from their sin, allowing all people to get back to paradise. The Lord had kept His promise when He sent His only Son, Jesus Christ, to Earth. Jesus gave people new hope by explaining how to communicate with God and each other properly. Good deeds alone would not bring back our relationship with the Creator; Jesus Christ died on the cross taking all the sins of people around the globe and from every generation in history upon Himself. After death and ressurection of Jesus people were able to have fellowship with God on the same level as people could before commiting sin in the garden of Eden!

In order to restore your relationship with God it would take a realization of imperfections and lack of holiness at any given moment of the time while relying only on yourself. Then, you would have to reject the old ways of living; recognize Jesus’s sacrifice as a punishment taken for your sin; thank God for His salvation; aknowledge Jesus Christ as your personal Saviour and live according to the way Jesus taught people while having fellowship not only with God, but also with His saved children, which are called the church.

  1. As a man has a body, soul and spirit and is still considered one person God remains as the One and Only true God in three hypostases – Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  2. The author of the Holy Bible is God Himself. He used different people throught different times, social statuses and places to write this book the same way as a writer uses a pen, paper, typewriter and/or computer in order to lay out his thoughts. That’s why the Holy Bible is the one and only 100% inerrant source of knowledge in this world.
  3. No matter what you did in your life Jesus is able to forgive your sins if you come to Him!
  4. After death each soul will stand in front of God, Who will decide where you will spend your eternity in paradise or in hell. Hell was a place made for satan and other angels who revolted against God wanting to become God too. Satan failed to ascend to godhood and was thrown out of Heaven, becoming the enemy of the Lord. Because of the sin inherited from first people everyone who will ignore or refuse the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ would spend eternity in Hell with the Devil and other demons.
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