Славянская Евангельская Баптистская Церковь Новый Путь

Church history, where do we gather and the list of contacts.


Our church was founded as a Bible study group among the Russian-speakers of the city of Baltimore in state of Maryland, USA. Now our church has around 40 active members and even more people of different cultural and lingual backgrounds who are attending the sermons and gatherings. Church is not a building for us, but a society akin to second family; that’s why we call each other “brother” and “sister”. We will be very happy to see you with us!

We gather together 3 times a week:

  1. Sunday afternoon at 1:30 PM at 808 Berrymans Lane, Reisterstown, MD 21136;
  2. Once every two weeks we gather together on Tuesday night for interesting conversations, to share what’s going on in our life, to search what Bible can offer us in order to answer our questions and for delicious food! If you want to come over for such gatehring, please call pastor Slav Paliy using the phone provided below.
  3. Every Thursday night at 8:00 -9:00 PM (verify exact time of the gathering through one of the contacts listed below) at 3309 Taylor Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21234 (Parkville Baptist Church) is prayer Bible study, where we go verse by verse in the Bible, answer questions and learn the way God wants us to practice christianity in our lives; we talk to God by praying for people’s needs as well.

Once every other Saturday young brothers and sisters of our church gather together at different places for meditating on God’s word through the context of the Holy Bible. We also socialize, eat pizza and play games! In order to get more information about these gatherings you would have to contact Andrey / Dmitry by calling or texting them.

We have a tradition of going as a church to a gorgeous campsite every year in the end of July – beginning of August for 3-4 days in Western Maryland at Rocky Gap state park (). Live music, fresh air, wild nature and deep conversations combined with great memories for the entire year are guaranteed! Please, contact Alex at 484-273-1743 for more camp information.

Either if you are interested in having a conversation about God and Bible, or you want us to pray for you, or you are willing to visit us – please, contact us through the phone numbers provided below (we all speak English as well as Russian/Ukrainian).

Pastor – Slav Plaiy – 443–540–0046;
Deacon – Vadim Paliy – 443–498–3569;
Deacon/youth leader – Andrey Gnatyshin – 443–825–5724;
Youth leader – Dmitry Masyuk – 267-368-8904;

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